A Tired, Old Dog

(Author unknown)old dog

A dog who was a little bit older and tired looking came to visit me the other day.  He just wandered into my yard.

When I looked at him, it was apparent that the dog was fed and taken care of.  He also had a collar so I knew he had his own home.

I petted him on the head, then went inside…  he followed me.

He walked down the hallway to a quiet part of the house, laid down, curled up, and took a nap.

A little while later, he woke up and went to the door so I let him out.

This same pattern repeated every day for a couple of weeks.  He came, slept for a while and then left.

After a while, the curiosity got to me.  I wrote a note and attached it to his collar.

The note was directed to his owner, whoever they were, and asked if they knew that they had an awesome dog that came to visit me everyday so he could take a nap.

I wondered if the dog would return after that, but just like clockwork, he came back the next day.

This time, he had a different note attached to his color.

It said:  “His home includes 6 children and several of them are not yet three years old.  He’s tired and needs a quiet place to take a nap.  Can I come next time?”

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