Getting Out Of The Car – Safely

First of all, you should take your dogs in the car with you aaaaaaaall of the time, and I don’t just think that because I’m a dog.   At least I don’t think so.

Although you shouldn’t take us when it’s too hot or too cold for us to stay in the car… or when you’re going to be gone for long periods of time.   OK, maybe we shouldn’t get to go ALL of the time, but we really, really, really like it when we get to go along. 

Having two dogs can actually cause a problem when you take us in the car if you don’t plan ahead a little.   Before you take multiple dogs in the car with you, make a plan on how you will get us out of the car.   If you don’t have a plan we will both jump out as soon as the door is open and it will be chaos.   We all know I should get to go first, but the darn new puppy doesn’t seem to understand that.

The problem is that getting to ride in the car is more exciting than just about anything, but getting out of the car is 10 times better.   We just get too excited to listen and do what you tell us to.   Having two dogs this excited definitely makes this a bigger issue.

There are a couple problems caused by having two dogs who both want to get out of the car at the same time:

  • In the chaos, we could get free and run to the next town (or worse… into the street)
  • We could stumble over each other and fall on the concrete (which I’m pretty sure would hurt)

Although… I‘m pretty sure we’re supposed to be (cue the schoolmarm voice) in a crate or a dog seatbelt when we‘re in the car.   We get to ride in the middle seat of our SUV.     Shhhh… don’t tell our vet but this is one way to solve this problem.    Don’t tell the boss either because I don’t want to ride in a crate.


The answer to this problem is the headrest for the front seat.

When you open the back car door to let us out, make sure you immediately step in front of the open door to block our exit.   You need to stand as close to the car as possible and close the door a bit if you can.   You may have to put your foot up on the section where your feet go in the car.   I was kind of impressed with the new puppy and how she was able to squeeze through any tiny little ray of light that she saw so be really careful to block the exit.

Here is the plan:

  • Open the car door and immediately block the exit.
  • Hook both dogs to their leash.   Don’t use a dual leash here, someone will get hurt. 
  • Decide who gets to go first.   (I think the old dog should always go first, but I may be biased.)
  • Wrap the leash of the second dog around the headrest for the front seat.   Hold the leash tight so they can’t jump out.
  • Tell the first dog to go – by name.   “Baylor-go”.
  • When the first dog is out of the car and away from the landing area, tell the second dog to Stay.
  • Unwrap their leash and make them “Stay” (for control).
  • Tell them to go – by name.

 Other Things To Know

I have to say that this isn’t easy to learn, but like everything else it can be done with patience, repetition and consistency.   It’s a lot better now that we’ve learned this.   I used to worry that the new dog was going to jump on me.   Now it seems pretty non eventful.  

Having two dogs is a good thing but there are things that could be an issue.   A little planning and training will go a long way toward making this particular issue a non-issue.

Check here for more information about the problems and solutions related to Having Two Dogs.

Do you know of other ways to make getting two dogs out of the car safely?

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