Dogs Do What???

Sometimes Dogs Are Gross

OK… here is one of the more unexpected problems with having two dogs.   Brace yourself… did you know that dogs sometimes eat poop?   Yes, that is what I said.   Of course I never do that (at least not since I was a puppy and learned it was gross).   Our evil new dog does this too, but it’s not hers… it’s mine.   I thought she’d grow out of it too, but so far it hasn’t happened. 

I’ve heard this is relatively common, but I agree… it’s kind of icky. 

It seems like there are 3 main options for how to handle this.

  • Watch the dog all of the time and pick up the dog’s poop as soon as she does it. 
  • Make one chain longer than the other.
  • Drugs 

Hopefully, you already figured out that you will have to watch your dogs and know when they’re going poop.   The best answer is to pick it up before anyone else (i.e. the evil new puppy) can get to it.   But the best answer doesn’t always work when you can’t stand at the door the entire time the dogs are outside.  

I don’t know what it is, but people seem to think they always need to be doing 12 things at once and standing at the door watching just in case I poop doesn’t seem to be too high on the list.    Having two dogs makes this harder because you have to watch twice as much.

If it’s a case of one dog eating from the other, a longer chain will do the trick.   We made my chain about 5 feet longer than the new dogs.   This gives me a little more privacy and keeps the other dog away until the boss can come out and pick it up.    It was actually a pretty easy solution and I can’t believe it took the boss so long to come up with it.

Having two dogs isn’t the only time that dogs eating poop are a problem.   Sometimes they eat their own.   If this is a problem you’re having, one option that you have is drugs.   There is medication you can get at the pet store to give your dog that will make their poop taste bad.   I know… it already tastes bad but these drugs make it taste bad enough so dogs will stop eating it.   (Imagine how bad it has to taste…)    If your dogs-eating-poop problems stem from having two dogs, drugs won’t work because most of them only make the poop taste bad to the dog who took the drugs.     


Other Things To Know

The other thing to be prepared for is other people.   Despite your best attempts it will probably happen in public at some point if you take your dogs with you anywhere.   The looks you will get from other people are not really all that fun… unless they’re totally making fun of you.   Then it’s fun for the dog, not fun for the owner.

This is one of the ickier (is that a word?) problems that come from having two dogs, but like everything else… it can be handled.

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I’m sure you agree that this is pretty disgusting.   Have you had success with any other ways to solve this problem?

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