Exercise For Dogs

Dogs exercise.    Really, we do.   Dogs exercise by running around in the yard, playing with the kids, (or in my case) wrestling with the annoying new puppy who keeps biting your ankles… it’s all exercise.

However, more important than the fact that dogs exercise is how much they exercise.  

It’s important to get exercise for dogs for a couple of very important reasons.

  • It’s healthy.   When people exercise, it makes them healthier and helps them live longer.   Exercise for dogs does the same thing.  Doesn’t it make sense that when dogs exercise they also get healthier and live longer?   It kind of seems like that’s a good thing.
  • It keeps them tired.   The boss thinks that dealing with pet waste disposal is the biggest issue with having dogs (especially having two dogs), but what I really care about is getting enough exercise.  If I don’t get enough exercise, then I have to find other ways to burn off energy and amuse myself.   Then… bad things usually happen… and the boss ends up mad… and I end up in trouble. 

In a perfect world being healthier would be enough of a reason to make sure that get exercise for dogs, but unfortunately that’s not enough motivation for a lot of people. 

A dog that does not get enough exercise will cause problems.
A dog that does not get enough exercise will cause problems.
A dog that does not get enough exercise will cause problems. 

Yes… I know that sentence was repeated several times.   There is a reason for it… it’s true.   If you are not willing to find ways to get exercise for dogs, you shouldn’t have one. 

Usually the easiest way to make sure that your dogs exercise is by playing fetch with them in the backyard.   But… what if you don’t have a big, fenced-in back yard?   There are many ways to get exercise for dogs and we’ll tell you all about them.

You really can have a dog (or more than one dog) without living someplace with a big, fenced in yard.   We live in a townhouse with a “backyard” that is about the size of a bathroom.   Hmmm… that’s interesting because the backyard actually IS my bathroom!  Anyway, there are a lot of ways to get exercise for dogs.   We’ll show you how and where. 

There are a bunch of answers.   On this site we’ll try to focus on the ones that aren’t talked to death everywhere else.    Newsflash:   One way to get exercise for dogs is by walking them… duh.   We’ll talk about using a collar-harness and walking 2 dogs in other posts. 

The most important thing to start with is to teach the dog to fetch… really fast.   If they will chase a ball (and bring it back!) you can get exercise for dogs anywhere… including in the hallway of your house. 

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