Having A 2nd Dog – The Problems You Need To Solve

Having a dog is awesome (but I’m a 10 year old yellow lab so of course I think that!)  When you add a 2nd dog it can also be more awesomer.  (I don’t care if I just made up a word… it’s a good word!)

It gives the first, and best dog someone else to play with (even if it’s an evil puppy I’m not sure I like), helps them socialize, get exercise and stay out of trouble (a little).    However, if you’re thinking about getting a 2nd dog, there are a few things you need to be aware of ahead of time.

These are some of the problems we’ll be covering to start with regarding the problems of adding a 2nd dog to your household.

Playing Fetch With A 2nd Dog – This is not as easy as it sounds.  It takes some training to get both dogs to “share” when they play fetch.  We’ll tell you how to do it.

Getting Out Of The Car – Safely – This also needs a little thought ahead of time.  If you’re not careful, both one or both of the dogs could get hurt or someone could get too excited and run away.  Find out the trick to handling this problem.

Dogs Do What?? – You may end up with the 2nd dog wanting to eat the poop of the other dog.  Our evil new puppy does this but I just think it’s because she’s not that smart.  We’ll give you the options if you have a dog who isn’t smart too.  🙂

Grooming With Two Dogs – It’s likely to be very difficult to groom one dog without the other “helping”.  At least I call it helping, the boss doesn’t seem to see it that way.  Find out what she learned to do to make this easier for everyone.

Tie Out Chains in the backyard – You need to be careful that they don’t get the ropes wrapped up around each other.  We’ll also talk in another post about the magical twirly thing.   If you already have, or are thinking about having two dogs, this is something you really have to know about.

These are some of the problems about having a 2nd dog that we’ll talk about in other posts… and we’ll show you how to solve them too.  Check out the 2nd Dog Category on the right side.

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What other questions/problems have you run into related to having a 2nd dog in your house?

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