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Do you want to know how to more easily live with dogs?

How about knowing what works so you don’t waste your time or money on stuff that doesn’t?

We’ll tell you… and you don’t even need a huge yard to do it.

This is the stuff no one else tells you. “Everything” else tells you how to train a dog and how to groom, walk, etc. them.

No one tells you how to do this if you have two dogs… or if you live in an apartment, townhouse, etc or you just don’t have a lot of room.

No one tells you about the real world stuff you have to deal with either.  Tell the truth… did you know you were going to have to deal with dog poop before you got your dog?

We’re going to tell you about the real stuff.

Real life fun facts that will make living with your dog easier.

Products that work and products you shouldn’t waste your time/money on. (Ever wonder about Pedi-Paws?)

Cool stuff that you didn’t even know existed.  (A kennel that doubles as a coffee table!)

Fun stuff that you haven’t seen.

Important stuff that you need to know.  (Did you know that sugarless gum could be fatal?)

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We'll show you how to do it, what you need and what you shouldn't waste your money on.