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I’ve heard living with dogs is hard… I think living with people is even harder.
Hi, my name is Baylor and I’m a 9 ½ year old yellow lab.  Being a 9 year old Lab makes me “perfect”.  Hey… it’s not my description, it’s what the boss says all the time.  Of course, she usually says that right after she introduces the new puppy (Scout) we got and how much of a pain she is.

That’s how we learned to live with 2 Dogs… In A Townhouse.  I was going to call this website “Your Old Dog Does NOT Want A New Puppy” but I was told that I just needed to get over it.

This is me… after the new puppy.

Me (Baylor)... when the new puppy came home.

Anyway… the boss wasn’t very good at the “dog thing” when I first came.  I kind of got to do anything I wanted to because she was mostly too lazy to stop me.  It worked out great for me… I got to bark a lot, jump on counters and do all sorts of cool stuff I don’t get to do anymore.

Over time it seemed like the rules changed and I didn’t know why.  That was really confusing for me and I kept getting in trouble a lot.  (I guess I wasn’t always “perfect”, huh?)

One thing you need to know before we start.  The boss is lazy.  She bought a lot of stuff that she was sure would make everything easier.  If she could pay for something that would make it easier, she tried it.

I think she spent about $3 billion (that is $21 billion in dog money) trying to make it easy.  Oh… a second thing you need to know.  I sometimes exaggerate because it amuses me.

It seemed like she changed the rules every week and also brought some new gadget home every week and told me the thing would “make it easier”.  A lot of the stuff she bought got thrown away the following week but some of them turned out to really be helpful.

It took a while, but eventually she learned a little more about how to handle new dogs and found the right gadgets and the right rules.

Finally after 9 years everything was good.  Every tennis ball that got thrown was for me, every piece of food that got dropped on the floor was mine and I got to sit in the boss’s lap anytime I wanted.  Life was good.  (Hey, that’s a great phrase… someone should put that on t-shirts and sell them.)

Everything was fine until the boss started talking about another dog.  She asked me if I wanted another dog to come live with us.  I said “NO.  You just figured out how to live with one dog, now you want two?”

How would we split up the toys and decide whose turn it was to chase the ball?

And most of all what would this do to the backyard where I poop?  I expressed all of these concerns to the boss, but she just didn’t understand.  (Aren’t the people who live in the house supposed to be smarter than the dogs?)

I thought the phase was over, but then… (cue the Jaws music) she went to the Animal Rescue League and came home with Scout.  (I’m the one in the front who is annoyed and no, I don’t want to hear that you think she’s cute.)

The old dog is annoyed... the new dog is oblivious.

That prompted a whole new group of gadgets either designed for a puppy or for multiple dogs.  Again, some of them worked, but a lot of them didn’t.  It turns out that it’s a lot different when you have two dogs instead of just one “perfect” one.

Six months later, things are pretty settled.  I’m still not a big fan of the puppy, but we have figured out how to all live together in a small space.

It’s definitely been a learning experience, but through trial and error, we’ve all managed to live in a pretty small space without destroying the house or annoying the neighbors.

I don’t want any other dogs to have to live through the stuff I had to deal with so I’m building this website to help them out.

I’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to live with us dogs in a small space and what you need to know about living with more than one dog.  Also thrown in are some practical examples of how to handle regular dog stuff like brushing teeth (yes, you need to do it… but I don’t like it either) and other stuff like that.


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