Your Old Dog Needs Her Own Space

I wasn’t all that happy when the boss brought home a new puppy about a year ago.   I had to start sharing stuff that I’ve never had to share before… tennis balls, attention from the boss, lap time, water dish, etc).

It’s been about a year now and I guess I’ve started to get used to it a little, but it doesn’t mean I like the evil new dog.   Check out the picture at the top, she does look evil, don’t you think?

The boss is kind of a slow learner and she usually does a lot of stuff wrong before she can figure out how to do it right.   (I thought people were supposed to be smarter than animals, but I guess that’s not always true.)

However, in this case she actually did something right but I’m pretty sure it was only because our vet told her too.

When the evil new puppy came home, there were different rules for me and for the puppy.

Before the new dog came, I had the run of the house.   I could go anywhere I wanted and do anything I wanted… as long as it didn’t get me in trouble.   Yes, I even got to be on the furniture.   (shhhh…. Don’t tell the boss that some people actually don’t let their dogs on the couch!)

When the new dog came, I still got to be on the furniture, but the new dog didn’t.   There were also places in the house where I could still go without the new dog tagging along.   (She tried to follow me EVERYWHERE.)

After all, it was “my” house, right?    Having different rules made it still feel like “my house”.   It also gave me a few “safe” places to go where the annoying new guy couldn’t bother me.   Don’t tell anyone, but she was sometimes fun to play with, but she neeeeeeever stopped.    When I got tired of her biting my legs, I could get on the couch so she had to stop.

It was  traumatic learning to live with the puppy (and share stuff with her), but having places in the house that were still “mine” made me feel better and made the adjustment easier.

Do you have any other tricks to make the introduction of (an evil) new 2nd dog easier for your old dog?

2 thoughts on “Your Old Dog Needs Her Own Space”

  1. Good one, I’m preparing the arrival of a second shar pei (1st one is 4 y.o.) and didn’t think about different set of rules for giving my first pet some breathing room… Will look forward to trying this 🙂

  2. Good luck with it. Having two of them around definitely makes it more interesting. We also found that they don’t need as much exercise because they play with each other during the day.

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