Puppies – Because I Have To

OK… I’m not happy about it but I’ve been told I have to talk about bringing new puppies home.  If you missed the reason I don’t want to talk about them, check out The Real Story.

I guess she’s not as bad now as when she first came, but I still think pretty fondly of the “BS” days.   (Before Scout)  The new dog’s name is Scout by the way.   Apparently it’s not nice to say “the other dog” all the time.

Scout - the bad puppy...

Anyway… puppies are a pain.   Everyone forgets this because they’re sometimes kind of cute, but puppies are a pain.    I personally think cute is a little overrated.

There is all the normal stuff “they” tell you:

  • Use a kennel.
  • Teach them to be comfortable in their kennel.
  • Watch them all the time when they’re out.
  • Say “potty” when you take them outside.
  • Give them stuff to chew on, etc.

There are whole books dedicated to training puppies and frankly my paws get tired too quickly to type a whole book’s worth of information here.

We think the “Dummie” books are a great reference for just about anything and we used the puppy one for me.   (Well… the boss thinks they’re a great reference.   They don’t do much for me because I can’t read.   Hmmm… yet somehow… I seem to be able to type…)

We’re going to try and share with you some of the stuff the experts don’t tell you.   Or stuff they tell you but you don’t believe.

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