Puppy Help – You Have To Train Them When They’re Small

puppiesOne big thing my boss realized waaaay too late is that the earlier you train a dog, the better.

This is especially true of a dog who will grow to be a “big” dog, like me.   It’s much easier to teach a 15 pound puppy how to walk on a leash, not to jump, etc. than it is to teach a 50 pound dog.

Imagine for a moment walking with a 10 pound dog who is pulling on the leash.   They don’t know how to walk on a leash yet so they will probably pull (and need to be corrected) a lot.  They will pull on the leash frequently, but they only weigh 10 pounds so they won’t pull very hard.

Now imagine the strength of a 50 pound dog.   If you haven’t trained the dog by then, you’re risking the health of your shoulder.   At this point they are bigger, more strong willed and a lot stronger.

Isn’t it worth a little extra effort when they are a puppy to save your shoulder later?

The same thing applies to dogs jumping.   While a 10 pound dog jumping on your knee isn’t that annoying, if you don’t train them they will turn into a 50 pound dog jumping on you… and knocking you (or your visitors) over.   Not cool.

You would think that the boss would have remembered this from when I was young and I jumped on her when she was carrying a bowl of tomato soup over to the blue and WHITE couch… but she apparently forgot about this by the time our new evil puppy Scout came around.   I guess people aren’t as smart as dogs.

Hopefully you can learn from her mistakes and teach your dogs proper behavior BEFORE they get too big to easily handle.


There are many more posts that talk about dealing with the dreaded puppies.

What do you think about training dogs while they’re still little?

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