Shedding? Who Sheds?

We all know puppies are a pain (and that everyone forgets that fact until they come home with a new one!)  We all know training them to not pee in the house is a hassle.  I hate to admit this since I’m a dog but living with us for the first couple of years while we learn the rules can be a pain.  Fortunately, these kinds of problems eventually go away.

There is one problem related to dogs that just doesn’t go away.  It doesn’t go away with training and it doesn’t go away as we get older.  This problem is shedding.  It’s one of the biggest things people complain about.

Of course, not all dogs shed… only the good ones do  🙂  (like me)!  If you’re lucky enough to have a dog like me who sheds, we’ll help you figure out how to handle it.

Like everything else, we’ve tried just about everything on the market to see if it would work.  Again… like everything else, some of it worked and some of it didn’t.

The Options and Tools

Brushes/Rakes – For The Dog

This is one of the best ways to prevent a shedding problem.  If you capture the hair from our coats before it has a chance to fly off it won’t ever get to your couch, carpet, pants, etc.

The type of brush you use will depend a little on the breed of dog you have.  For us, we like the rake type best because of how it gets into the undercoat.

Tape Rollers

These are basically similar to a paint roller except they have masking tape in the place of the roller head.  These are actually very effective for getting dog hair off of the furniture and clothes, etc.  Their only problem is that they can get expensive if you use them too frequently.


We haven’t actually tried this yet, but they actually have drugs that will stop the dog from shedding.


These can be somewhat effective, but there is a learning curve.  You have to figure out the right angle and amount of pressure.  We found that short, quick strokes work the best.

Dryer Sheets?

Have heard about using dryer sheets before running the vacuum.  We haven’t tried this, but the theory is that the dryer sheet reduces some of the static electricity that holds the dog hair to the fabric.  By using the dryer sheet first, it allows the dog hair to be removed more easily.

Squeege/plastic bristly brush

Vacuum Attachments

These are some of the more recent products available to handle dog shedding.  Many vacuums have attachments to help pick up dog hair.  There are also now products available to help brush your dog.

The brush attaches directly to your vacuum.  When you brush your dog, the dog hair goes directly into the vacuum.  This greatly reduces the amount of hair that gets loose as/after you brush the dogs.  This also picks up more loose dog hair directly from the dog because of the suction.

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