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Dogs Poop In The Cold Weather Too

If you have dogs and don’t have a huge back yard you have to have a dog waste system in place for how to handle your Dogs Poop.

If you live in a climate that has a cold winter season there are also many additional challenges related to dog poop pick up.

  • When you get home from work and let the dog outside, it’s too dark to see the poop to pick it up.
  • Since you can’t pick it up right away, it can freeze, then it’s hard to pick up the dog poop because it’s frozen to the grass.  I’ve seen the boss kick under it (when it’s frozen) with a boot and that seemed to free it up but she certainly wasn’t happy to find out once that it wasn’t as frozen as she thought.
  • If you try to handle your dog poop pick up duties when it’s frozen, it sometimes breaks apart and scatters about the whole area.  You end up with a very unattractive dusting of “brown stuff”.
  • If you try to pick your dog’s poop up when the temperatures rise, it’s squishy and gross and hard to pick up.
  • If you leave it outside for a while, it’s also likely that I’ll step on poop when it starts to melt and then track it inside.  Then I’ll get in trouble even though it’s really not my fault.
  • If it snows, the dog poop gets buried in the snow.  Then you can’t find it when you want to pick it up.
  • And… it’s cold outside. It doesn’t bother me much, but the people don’t seem to like it.

A Bucket… With Holes

Dog poop pick up is different in the winter than in the other months.  We just reviewed many of he problems related to dog poop pick up problems that you see in the winter.  However, there is a huge plus… it’s cold.  If you live where you really have to deal with crappy weather, it means it’s cold enough so that the dog’s poop will freeze.   That means there is no smell to deal with or worry about covering up.

If your dog waste system includes putting the dog’s poop in the trash, you will still need a container to store it in and you will still need to line it with trash bags so you can put it in the weekly trash.  However, you won’t need individual bags because you don’t need to contain the smell.

One problem you have to deal with is the snow.  No matter how careful you are on your dog poop pick up duties, you will get some snow mixed in with the poop when you pick it up.  You can use an old bucket (with holes), wire basket, old fashioned plastic milk crates, etc or anything else that can stay outside, contain the poop but allow some of the liquid to run off as the snow melts.

Then once a week or so you can dump the poop into the weekly trash bag and toss it.

Poop Scooper

If you have to handle the dog poop pick up in the snow, this tool works great.  It’s got relatively sharp edges and the two sides act like shovels. You can stand over it and dig it out.

We don’t use this when there isn’t snow because it only picks up one piece at a time, but it works great in the snow.

Snow Blower/Shovel

This is our best find of the most recent winter – a power snow shovel.  It’s basically a light weight snow blower.  You don’t need to clear a big area, just the area around the chain the dogs are on.   You obviously don’t want to spend money on a full-blown serious snow blower just for dog poop pick up, however these light weight models are less than $100 and they are awesome for keeping a 10 foot radius in your back yard free of snow.


If you keep the snow off the ground then the dogs poop can’t get buried in the snow.  Using this makes the dog poop pick up chore much easier to handle in the middle of winter.

Other Things You Need To Know

Handling dog poop pick up is a humongous pain.  It’s icky and smelly and unpleasant and a complete pain.  But it is also inevitable that you have to deal with it.   You really need to figure out a plan for your dog waste system to deal with this if you have a dog in an apartment, townhouse or small yard.  It can be done, but it can take some time to figure out what works best for you.

Get more information on how to handle your dogs poop here.