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Having Two Dogs – Playing Fetch

Having two dogs isn’t the problem… the problem is the new dog.   (At least that’s what I think, but don’t tell the boss I said that.)   When we play fetch EVERYTHING is supposed to be for me.   The problem is that since the new dog came, she thinks everything is for her.     I never get the toys anymore…

  • Take turns chasing the ball
  • Throw 2 balls in different directions


Take Turns

Sometimes we take turns chasing the ball.   The puppy wasn’t very good at this at first (imagine that) and had to be held by the collar for a long time when it wasn’t her turn.  Since I’m (cough) a little older (cough) than the puppy, I get tired a lot sooner than I used to.   Because of this, sometimes the new dog gets to chase 2 balls before I get my turn again, because this gives me more time to rest.    This also let’s the “more energetic” (i.e. more annoying) dog get more exercise which makes her tired.   I’ve heard a lot of people say “a tired dog is a well behaved dog” and it sounds like there is some truth to this.

Use Two Balls

The other thing we do sometimes is each chase our own ball.   Of course, the puppy doesn’t always know how this works and has the attention span of…. something that doesn’t have a very long attention span.    If her ball was tossed, she chased it but if my ball was tossed too soon she gave up on her ball and chased my ball.   I found this really annoying.

You also have to be careful to not throw both balls in the same place.   Again… the new dog usually sn’t that smart and she sometimes has trouble deciding which one to chase.   That leaves me confused and I usually have to wait for her to decide which one she wants before I can figure out which one is mine.

Playing Fetch on a Rope playing fetch

We’ll write more about this topic in another post, but make sure you’re really, really careful if you’re playing fetch with two dogs on ropes.    Using ropes is a great way to exercise your dogs if you don’t have a fenced-in yard, but having two dogs means you have to be much more careful.

Make sure you know where both ropes are every time before you throw the ball.   We could get hurt really bad if the rope gets wrapped around a leg when the other dog takes off to run after the ball.   You could also get a really ugly rope burn if you’re not paying attention.

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