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8 Reasons Humans Annoy Me

Although dogs are awesome (and I can say that because I’m the cute puppy in the picture at the top of the site), I know there are things we can do that really annoy our human parents.  dog with bow

I get in trouble for jumping on people, barking too much, being a bed hog and begging for food (but I’m cute so they keep me around)!

But did you ever think about how humans annoy dogs?  Well you should!

People aren’t always easy to live with.  I’ve been talking to my dog-friends and we came up with a list of the 8 most annoying habits.   Of course, the boss doesn’t do any of these things (and yes… I’m trying to score points so I’ll get more treats).

8 Reasons Humans Annoy Me

  1. Yell at us when I bark.  Did you somehow forget we’re dogs?
  2. Letting us go out for a walk and then NOT allowing us to smell all the glorious smells that we’re faced with.  What’s the point of a walk if you can’t stop and smell the flowers, and sticks and candy bar wrappers and empty pop cans and those glorious trees and fire hydrants that were recently visited by my other dog friends?
  3. Taking us to the vet where “bad things happen” and then somehow being surprised that we get anxious when the scary lady in the white coat comes in
  4. Forcing us to learn how to do tricks that involve balancing food on our noses.  Even if we get a treat in the end, we hate this!
  5. Sweaters for dogs – have you not noticed that we have fur to keep us warm?
  6. The whole fake throw thing.  Big deal… you faked out a dog, is that really something you should be so proud of?
  7. Haircuts where we end up with fancy ribbons and bows.  Really?  We’re dogs, not Barbie dolls.
  8. Blaming us when you fart and it smells really bad.  Seriously, that wasn’t even funny the first time.

What do you think of our list?   I’m sure if there are any dogs reading this, we can come up with about a hundred (thousand) more  J
If you’re a human, are there things you do that you know annoy your dog?