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Protecting Your Dogs From YOU

Dogs are awesome. 7980699_s

In fact, I’ve heard many people talk about how they like their dogs more than they like a lot of people. I could have told you this, but I’m a dog, so I’m a little biased.

However, just because we’re awesome, doesn’t mean that we’re the same as people, so you can’ t treat us like that.

Protect Dogs From Themselves

With a dog, you have to remember… you are the adult in the relationship and it’s your job to protect us. Sometimes you have to protect us from ourselves, because no matter how old we get, some of us still like to eat EVERYTHING.

Although, if you insist on seeing us like you do people, you should think of us as really little people. More specifically, you should treat us like little kids who still want to put everything they can grab into their mouth, even if it’s bad for them.

Babies don’t know any better, and we don’t either. Well, I know better because I’m 10, but our evil new puppy doesn’t know any better and tries to eat socks, ink pens, bottle caps and anything else she can find on the floor.

It may sound funny, but stuff like that can really do damage for a dog.

Protect Dogs From YOU

Not only do you have to protect us from the things we want to eat that are dangerous for us, you also have to protect us from YOU.

There are a lot of things out there that are dangerous for us that people just don’t know about. Sure, a lot of people do these things anyway and nothing bad happens, so they think that means it’s ok.

You can cross a lot of times without looking both ways and nothing bad will happen. Does that mean it’s ok to do? No. That means you’ve been lucky so far and you should change your ways before something bad happens.

With that in mind, here are a few things you should be careful of in regards to your dog.

Bones Are Bad

Everyone knows that dogs love bones, but that doesn’t mean we should have them. This is especially true of chicken or turkey bones.

Those types of bones have a tendency to break or splinter when they’re being eaten. This can be a really bad thing as those sharp, splintered pieces travel through our digestive systems.

The bad things can include internal injuries, bleeding and even stuff that is a lot worse.

People Food is Bad

Letting your dog clean your plate or eat dinner scraps seems harmless… until it isn’t.

The truth is that there are many kinds of people food that can be very dangerous to us dogs, and you probably don’t know what they all are. Since you don’t know what all of them are, why risk feeding us people food that could end up being really harmful?

Things as simple as onion rings or grapes are like poison to a dog’s system.

Food Recalls Are Bad

You’ve seen recalls in the news for “people food”, right? Things as common as eggs and peanut butter have been recalled over the last year because they were determined to not be safe.

Dog food and treats sometimes have the same kind of recalls. Keep an eye on the news to make sure you’re not feeding us stuff that has been determined to be unsafe.

Better yet, subscribe to updates from your vet’s website so you can be updated.