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Having Two Dogs On A Chain, Lead Or Rope

OK… you took the plunge and got a 2nd dog, now what?  17845023_s

Since I’m an old dog who was used to being outside on a rope by myself, there was an adjustment when the evil new puppy came to live with us.

Hopefully you are already aware that the biggest issues you have to deal with when you have a 2nd dog are how to handle your dog’s poop and making sure to get exercise for dogs.   You absolutely can’t let the dog poop pile up or you are asking for all kinds of unpleasant trouble.

Here we’re going to talk about how to handle the back yard if you’re using a chain/rope to let the dogs go outside.  There are definitely a few things that are different when you add a 2nd dog into the mix.

In addition to dog poop and exercise, another big issue you will have to figure out how to handle is having two leads/ropes/chains in the back yard.  There are two main issues:  1) The danger of a rope getting wrapped around one of the dogs, and 2) Ropes getting tangled up and in knots

Dogs Getting Wrapped In The Rope

It’s important that you make a rule (and consistently enforce it) that the dogs can’t “play” when they are tied up.  We like to play and wrestle, but when we’re tied up it’s too easy to get a leg (or worse) wrapped up by the rope.  Since we’re wrestling, when something gets wrapped up, it gets really, really tight really, really fast.  That can be really, really bad.

If you leave the dogs outside on their own you will also need to frequently check on them.  At our house I like to lie in the sun on the patio and our 2nd dog likes to leisurely wander… around me.   The boss has to sometimes come outside and unwrap us.

Ropes Getting Tied In Knots

This is one of the biggest hidden secrets to having two dogs.  It’s called the “twirly thing”.  OK, that’s not what it’s really called, but it’s what we call it.

Having two dogs can be complicated when you do anything on a chain, leash or rope.  You can get these things for leashes or you can get them from the hardware store and attach them to your tie-out post.  Then attach both leashes, chains, etc. to the twirly thing.

The result is that the dogs can walk around and not get the ropes all twisted up.   Instead of the ropes getting twisted up, the one end just twirls around.  i.e. “the twirly thing”.The magical "twirly thing".

If you’re thinking about getting a 2nd dog, this is a must-have.  We have about six of them.  We have one on the double dog lead we use when we take walks and we have one in the backyard attached to our tie-outs.   We also have one on the really long ropes we use when we get to investigate the whole side yard.

Most pet stores have these attached to a the double dog leads that they sell.  You can get them for your backyard tie-out, etc by going to any hardware store.

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Does anyone know what the twirly thing is called?  You would think that since it’s such an important gadget have when you have a 2nd dog, the boss would know stuff like that…