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Problem Solver – Double Dog Leash

Sporn Double Dog Leash Sporn Double Dog Lead

There is one thing that most people don’t think about when it comes to having two dogs, that is, until they go for a walk.

Unless you have perfectly well behaved dogs, (which is no fun at all!) where one stays on the left side and one stays on the right, you’re going to have a big problem.

Most dogs see a walk as an opportunity to smell EVERYTHING.  That includes old gum wrappers on the right side, then a spot on the left side where another dog peed 6 weeks ago, then back to the right side to look at a butterfly, then behind you…

That’s fine with one dog, but with two dogs, and two leashes, this becomes a big problem pretty quickly.  The leashes get tangled and wrapped around your hand and in no time you have a complete mess.

The Sporn Double Dog Leash solves this problem for you.

The end you hold is a comfortable, padded handle.  Then the other end of the leash breaks off into a “Y” so you can hook it to two different dogs.

However, there are two things that make this double dog lead such a great problem solver.

The first is a very cool swivel piece that we call the magical twirly thing.

The magical "twirly thing".
The magical “twirly thing”.

This means that when your two dogs trade sides of the sidewalk 6 billion times in the first 3 minutes of your walk, the twirly thing will just twirl around… and not get tangled up.

The second thing that makes this so cool is the fact that it is adjustable.  At our house, we’re always walking with two 50-pound Labs.  Since we’re the same size, we both get the same length of the leash.

However, if you had a dog who was 20 pounds and another who was 60, you would need to give the big dog a longer leash (because of their longer body size).

Of course, you also have to make sure you get the right size of leash so the hardware is strong enough.

If you have any questions about this, let us know!